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Dye Club DC is a place to learn all about natural dye in a fun, social setting. Each month there will be three different natural dye techniques to choose from, including indigo & shibori, plant dyeing, and eco-priting. Every month, the dyes themselves will change to provide as much variety as possible. The plants are often foraged locally, providing a connection to the local plants and the changing seasons.

Dyeing together is more fun! Learn new techniques and meet other creatives. Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience or skill level.


Hapa Zome, or flower pounding, is a Japanese technique that has been practiced for centuries (but was only recently named by India Flint, an Australian natural dyer). It involves hammering or pounding flowers and leaves into the fabric, to create beautifully unique all-natural textile prints. This technique lets you place flowers where you want to create a precise pattern. The results are like a watercolor painting.

All levels welcome.

All workshops currently offered at The Lemon Collective in NW DC & are listed on their calendar.

Hope to dye with you!