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The work of Sophie Kanter and the bluest i focuses on
locally foraged dye plants, upcycling, and mending. Giving life to fabrics and wearables
through the power of plants, and extending the life of clothing through mending
and dyeing techniques both fit into an overall vision of truly slow fashion.

hapa f 2.jpg

Upcycled ribbon

Scraps of raw silk and hemp-cotton fabrics hammered with iris and dahlia petals and leaves, then connected and rolled into ribbon.

moon phase.jpg

Moon Phase Calendar

Hand-stitched moon phase shapes dyed with indigo on vintage linen.


Eucalyptus dresses

Children’s size cotton clothing dyed with eucalyptus bark gathered locally in Oakland, CA.

coreopsis f.jpg

Coreopsis prints

Coreopsis tinctoria printed onto silk and hemp-cotton fabrics.


Coreopsis and coneflower silk scarf

Silk infinity scarf printed with coreopsis and coneflowers gathered locally in Minnesota.

ac f.jpg

Upcylced clothing

L: Thrifted cotton cardigan dip-dyed with indigo and mended with linen patches and indigo-dyed thread.
R top: Cotton crop sweater dip-dyed with indigo; side ties dyed with onion skins.
R bottom: Denim skirt dip-dyed with indigo, added indigo dyed cotton patches and decorative stitches with embroidery thread.

Originally featured in Altered Couture Magazine. Images © Stampington & Company.


Katazome Eyes

Rice paste applied to cotton fabric with hand-cut stencil, dyed with indigo.


Eco-print wall hanging

Leaves eco-printed on cotton and wool fabrics, then hand sewn together and backed with upcycled denim.